On the 32nd week, freight rates in the Azov sea region retain the level of the previous one. So, the shipment of 3000 mtons of wheat from Azov to Marmara Sea ports remains at the level of USD 61-62 pmt. However, given the lifting of the blockade of Ukrainian ports, Russian traders have issues with the sale of wheat. Significant difference in the buying price in favor of Ukrainian wheat attracts Turkish buyers. In view of the high inflation rate in the country, they prefer to opt for low prices, despite possible difficulties in finding a vessel. 

Since today, EU countries have completely stopped buying Russian coal, but its active shipments to Turkey continue, which maintains a high rate of freight on the market. 

The active growth of freight rates continues in the Caspian region. The shipment of 3000 mtons of corn from Astrakhan to the Northern ports of Iran has already reached USD 62 pmt. The quantity of cargo significantly exceeds the tonnage offers, which contributes to the daily increase in freight rates. As a result, rates are also rising strongly from the river ports. The cost of freight from Balakovo to Anzali already reaches $ 90 per ton.