In the 34th week in the Azov-Black Sea region, the trend of lowering freight rates continues. Thus, the level of the rate from Azov to Marmara Sea ports for 3000 tons of wheat shipment reached the level of USD 50 per ton. The situation remains unchanged, most of the charterers are waiting for the level of USD 40 pmt basis Marmara ports, to be able to offer a similar level, at which Ukrainian traders sell wheat. 

The supply of goods from the central regions of Russia is growing, which creates a high demand for river tonnage, thereby increasing the level of freight. Thus, the rate for the transportation of 2-3000 tons of wheat from Samara to Rostov is already 3,500 rubles per ton, which is 30% higher than last week’s level. However,  charterers are reluctant to conclude deals at this level, as shipment by rail transport is much cheaper.