On the 10th week in Azov-Black sea region the freight rates remain on the same level and the price for shipment of 3000 mts of corn is USD 17 from Azov to Marmara sea ports.

There are more grain cargoes appearing on the market, however, charterers’ offers still remain on a level of USD 16 or even lower. This fact makes owners to wait some time, hoping that the tendency for market improvement will be kept and freight rates will increase closer to end of March.

Caspian region is also marked by an improvement of market situation. The trading has become more active, the amount of shipments in increasing and there are some cargoes appearing from port of Astrakhan. The freight rate for shipment of 3000 mts of corn from Astrakhan to Northern Iranian ports remain on the level of USD 28.

One of the major points in the Caspian region is the spread of coronavirus in Iran and the increase of security measures for its preventing. All the vessels are likely to have to go through a 2-week quarantine on the road of POL before getting permission for berthing. Vessel crew must undergo a medical examination, but the vessel should be disinfected with bleach.