On the 11th week, a sharp increase in the level of freight is recorded in the Azov-Black Sea region. Thus, if last week deals were concluded at the level of low 30s, this week the rate for a shipment of 3,000 tons of wheat from Azov to Marmara Sea ports reaches $ 53 per ton. Despite the unstable political and military situation in the region, trade is becoming more active every day. The most popular destination for shipments at the moment is Turkey, but shipments to Egypt, Israel and Italy are also quite often considered by charterers. It is worth noting that, taking into account the incidents occurred with merchant vessels in the Taganrog and Yeisk area, some shipowners are afraid to call these ports, as well as Rostov and Azov, preferring to take cargo from Kavkaz, Novorossiysk or Temryuk. This increases the gap in rates between the northern and southern ports of the Sea of Azov. It worth noting that there is every reason to assume that the freight market will continue to grow in the near future, since the demand for grain products remains very high, and shipowners will need to cover the costs they have incurred over the past few weeks of ship downtime.