On the 33th week the freight rates in the Azov sea region remain on the previous week level. The shipment of 3000 mts of wheat from Azov to Marmara sea ports is still on the level of USD 18. There is seen an increase in the amount of grain shipments fro Azov sea ports to Turkish and European ports, however, this cargo flow is still much more less than it has to be in August. There active shipments from Russian river ports what leads to high demand for russian fall fleet.

In the Caspian region there is also kept previous week level. There are not a lot of shipments from Astrakhan and Makhachkala ports to North Iranian ports, but there is seen an increase in cabotage shipments from river ports to Astrakhan, Azov and Kavkaz ports. Also,
a tender for the purchase of large amounts of corn and soya beans should be held in Iran on this week. These shipments should have a positive effect on the freight market of the Caspian Sea region.

The situation on the deep sea market in the Baltic region looks better, the demand among charterers for handy / supra / ultra vessels is growing. The increase in the number of offers in mid-to-late August allows shipowners to name more favorable rates for them. For example, the freight rate from the port of St. Petersburg to South Africa for the carriage of a 40,000 mts of deadweight cargo could be send on the level of USD 32-34 PMT.

Unfortunately, this revival in the market has not affected short-sea segment. Freight rates for the transportation of 3-5000 mts of dwt cargo are not increasing too much and most cargoes should appear only at late August – beg September dates.

There is also an increasing demand for tonnage on the deep sea market in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, in particular for vessels of 30-50 thousand tons. There is even a shortage of vessels of this size on the market, as many shipowners have previously transferred such tonnage to the Asian region, where there was a more active market previous months.