On the 40th week the level of freight rates in the Azov-Black Sea region remains almost unchanged. The price for a 3000 mts wheat shipment from Azov to Marmara sea ports is ard USD 39-40 pmt. There is a slight improvement in the number of planned shipments on the market, but the weather has made its adjustments. Bad weather in the Black Sea led to the closure of the Kerch Strait for several days. The fleet is waiting for an improvement in the situation and the possibility of passage through the strait. Strong winds also worsen the situation in the ports of Azov and Rostov, where the water level at the ADMK has already dropped to 2.11 meters today.

Due to the bad weather conditions in these ports, most shipowners prefer to consider cargo from Yeisk or Temryuk in order to avoid long downtime of vessels. There are practically no spot positions on the market, most of the vessels will open only by the end of October, but few owners are ready to work these dates until the exactlaycan is clarified.

As for the export fee, this week the government announced its increase to 57.8 dollars for wheat and 43.1 for barley. Only the fee on corn will decrease to the level of $ 45.2.

In the Caspian region, freight levels from Astrakhan rose to USD 37-38 pmt for a shipment of 2,600 mts of corn to Northern Iranian ports. The price increase is primarily due to the low water level in the port of Astrakhan.
Compared to previous weeks, the number of candidates of Iranian-flagged vessels has increased on the market, whose offers for shipments from Astrakhan are about $ 35 per ton.
In addition to Astrakhan, there are more requests from the port of Makhachkala, however, the long waiting time for the berth in this port makes it unattractive for shipowners.

In the Baltic region, freight rates remain the same. The number of open positions in this region is increasing, but there are still difficulties in finding a fleet for cargoes from St. Petersburg. Most shipowners currently prefer to charter tonnage near the continent.