On the 46th week Azov sea region has shown the level of previous week and the freight rate for 3000 Mts of wheat from port Azov to Marmara sea has remain on USD 21 PMT.

Bad weather conditions in the ports of Azov sea has led to decreasing of shipments and rise of spot tonnage. Expectations in increasing of grain export has not been confirmed yet and it is expected that it will happen only in the second half of the grain season.

Caspian region, on the contrary, demonstrates stability in the freight rates rising. The amount of cargo is increasing , but lack of vessels permits owners to collect best offers from the market. On the 46th week, the freight rate for 3000 Mts of corn from Astakhan to NIP has reached the level of USD 37 PMT.

Export of grains from ports of Kazakhstan continue to grow and attracts many owners to work only on this direction due to good freight level (about USD 25 PMT) and short distance to northern ports of Iran.