The freight rate for shipping 3000 mts of wheat from Azov to Marmara sea ports has remain on USD 21.

Due to bad weather conditions and strong east wind, a lot of vessels can’t leave the Rostov port or can’t enter it and are waiting for their turn at ADMC awaiting for better weather conditions and port control’ permission for vessels’ maneuvers. This situation has led to significant shortage of open vessels, both spot and for later dates, because of ignorance of situation improvement.

Caspian region, in its turn, continues to show the increasing of cargoes and freight rates. The price for shipping 3000 mts of corn from Astrakhan to NIP has reached already USD 38 PMT.

Such good freight rates, which are significantly higher than Azov sea rates, forced many shipowners to redirect their fleet to the Caspian region for winter time, in hope to conclude more profitable deals.