On the 51st week freight rates in Above sea region remain on the previous week level and are USD 23 for shipment of 3000 mts of wheat from Azov to Marmara sea ports.

The weather on the Kerch strait has got better comparing to last week situation what has allowed vessels finally to continue their routes. A lot of owners are trying to fix all their vessels now so to be distracted by work on New Year’s holidays as little as possible.

The prices for wheat are increasing on short sea market what has led to a significant decreasing in the number of wheat shipments from Azov sea ports. The most part of grain cargoes are sunflower seeds and wheat bran pellets, because they are more profitable, than wheat.

Caspian region has been marked by freight rates increasing on this week. The shipment of 3000 mts of corn from Astrakhan port to NIP has reached already USD 40 PMT. There are a lot of grain shipments from ports Makhachkala and Aktau. Due to high frt level owners tend to fix their vessels mostly on spot dates, however a lot of them are trying to fix for consecutive voyages in order to protect themselves from the unpredictability of freight rates in the upcoming year.