On the 27th week, the growth of freight rates resumed in the Azov-Black Sea region. Thus, contracts for the shipmnet of 3,000 tons of wheat from Azov to Marmara Sea ports are concluded at the level of $48 per ton. The grain market is starting to revive, although it is still impossible to talk about active shipments. Nevertheless, the ruble being weakened significantly this week made it possible to discuss new contracts, and with a high degree of probability, the number of grain shipments from Russian ports will increase sharply next week. The main direction of requests at the moment are the Turkish ports of both Marmara and Mediterranean Seas. Regarding the nomenclature of goods, in addition to wheat, peas and barley are actively calculated. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the tax on wheat exports from July 6 to 12 will amount to 4.6 thousand rubles per ton, 3.307 thousand rubles on barley, and 2 thousand 168.8 rubles on corn. These are the first export taxes calculated in rubles, not in dollars.