Dry cargo chartering is a varied and complex market that involves more than a million tons of cargo every year. Our experienced team acts as a vital link between shipowners and charterers who need to transport the goods required by a constantly growing global population.

The Dry Cargo market stands on a wide range of vessels and covers all the world’s major trade routes. It is dominated by three core sectors: agriproducts such as grains and oilseeds; steel related products; coal bound for steel plants and power stations.

We are experienced in spot chartering for individual voyages as well as time chartering of vessels for short or long terms, covering all sizes of vessels from Coasters to Handy-size.

We offer clients support at each and every stage of the chartering process, 24/7 365 days of the year.

Sea Lines Ltd has all the required experience in organization and control of sea transportation.

Our company works with huge amount of shipowners and shipping lines that helps us to assure to our customers the best prices and professional service.