05/11/2020 Market news

On the 45th week freight rates in Azov-Black sea region are keep increasing, but not as drastically as it was last week. For example, the freight rate for 3000 MT of wheat from Azov to Marmara owners are asking around 28 USD PMT. However, a lot of players on the market think, that there won’t be any leaps in freight prices in the future, as it was last week. Moreover, there are going to be a lot of cargoes, but traders are not forecasting more new sales contracts.

30/09/2020 Market news

On the 40th week in Azov- Black sea region freight rates are decreasing. For example, the freight rate for 3000 mt of wheat from Azov sea port to Marmara went down to 20 USD per metric ton. This decrease is explained by reduction of the cargo quantity on the market, which was led by Turkish and European buyers, who are unprepared to offer profitable prices for traders and export companies.