On the 26th week the market is in anticipation of a new grain season. Next week, with the beginning of July and the end of the ban on grain exports, shipowners expect a significant increase in market activity and in demand for tonnage.

On the freight market, most shipowners prefer to take a waiting position and to not fix their vessels on spot. In this regard, in the Azov region shipowners are asking for USD 15-16 from Azov to Marmara sea port for spot dates for shipment of 3000 mts of wheat.

Many large companies continue searching fleet at forward dates, fixing vessels for end July – august dates, preferring not to wait, but to provide themselves with the necessary number of vessels for their cargoes in advance.

In the Caspian region companies are also waiting for new grain season to start selling cargoes for export. Freight rates remain on the previous week level: USD 17 from Makhachkala and USD 20 from Astrakhan to NIP for shipment of 3000 mts of corn. Kazakhstan is also waiting for new harvest, as they have already exported last season’ grain.

On the deep sea market the situation is the same: market participants are preparing for new season, calculation the logistics and concluding contracts for future shipments. Active trading of fertilizers is in Persian Gulf. There is also seen a slight activity in Baltic region, there are shipments of coal cargo to Great Britain. On the Black and Mediterranean Sea market there are not large number of shipments. The freight rate from Novorossiysk to Mediterranean Sea ports are on the level of USD 8.25-10 PMT for 30k shipment.