On the 36th week, freight rates in the Azov-Black Sea region continue to fall. So, the rate for sending 3000 wheat from Azov to Marmara dropped to the level of $ 43. The drop is due to the expected increase in wheat duties by $ 7.1 – from $ 39.4 to $ 46.5 per ton.

At the same time, the duty on barley was reduced by $ 0.9 – from $ 27 to $ 26.1 per ton. In this regard, the number of requests for sending barley has slightly increased. However, the greatest demand is observed for wheat, and charterers are actively looking for a spot fleet in order to have time to send a ship before the new duty comes into force, which is likely to be another 7-8 dollars higher than this week.

The situation is greatly complicated by a storm on the Black Sea, because of which shipowners cannot guarantee the exact dates of the vessel’s arrival, which are now so important for charterers. There is still no active trade on the Russian river this week, since most cargo owners do not intend to sell goods in the next few weeks, expecting prices to rise.