On 37th week, a freight increase continues in the Azov-Black Sea region. The rate for a shipment of 3000 tonnes of wheat from Azov to Marmara Sea ports reached the level of USD 74 pmt, which is USD 10 higher than the previous week’s level. It should be noted that at the moment there is still an upward trend. The main reason for the growth of rates, as before, is the long inspections of vessels in the Kerch Strait, leading to long queues. Besides, it should be noted that some ship-owners began to ask to include into the contract terms Kerch Strait passage clause. At the same time, the export fee on wheat exports increased this week by more than 12%, rising from 4007.6 rubles to 4493.7 rubles per tonne. Tax rates for barley and corn also rose, up to 931.7 rubles from 574.8 rubles per tonne, and to 2,465.2 rubles from 1,954.9 rubles per tonne respectively.