On the 33rd week, freight rates in the Azov-Black Sea region are growing rapidly. Thus, deals for shipments of 3000mts of wheat from Azov to Marmara are already concluded at the level of $ 43.

In the context of the reduction of export fees on wheat and barley, many charterers are actively concluding sale contracts with Turkish partners. The end of the harvest in the southern regions of the country also contributes to the activation of shipments. The main direction of sales traditionally remains Turkey, but such directions as Israel, Italy, Greece and Egypt are also considered, although in a much smaller volume.

At the same time, bad weather conditions in the Black Sea caused a large accumulation of vessels in the Kerch Strait, as a result of which many shipowners can not give accurate prospects for their open positions. In addition, due to the constant increase in freight rates, many shipowners prefer not to rush to conclude contracts, but to fix vessels on the spot market.

Regarding shipments from the Russian river, this week charterers still note the complexity of purchasing cargo on the Middle Volga, as a result of which there are practically no sale contracts for shipments from this region.