On the 19th week, there is a tendency to lower freight rates in the Azov-Black Sea region. Thus, deals for the shipment of 3,000 tons of wheat from Azov to Marmara Sea ports are concluded for $ 35 per ton. It should be noted that after the holidays, the grain market has become somewhat more active, but there are much fewer transactions than in the middle and end of April. Nevertheless, the collapse of the freight market is likely to stop, and the rates will not change as drastically as it has been noted in the last few weeks. Many shipments of Russian wheat and wheat pellet bran are expected in the coming weeks, primarily to Turkey. In the Black Sea, there are a lot of shipments of Ukrainian grain from the ports of Reni and Izmail, as well as from Romanian and Bulgarian ports to a variety of destinations, as a result of which a high level of rates in the region is maintained.