On the 27th week, freight rates in the Azov-Black Sea region began to rise. The rate for a shipment of 3,000 tons of wheat from Azov to Marmara Sea ports reaches the level of USD 32 pmt. At the same time, it should be noted that there is a large gap in the rate between the expectations of shipowners and the level of freight that charterers are willing to pay.

A sufficient amount of cargo on the market allows shipowners to make extremely optimistic forecasts for the next few weeks. However, many charterers note that bad weather and hurricanes in the south of Russia have seriously damaged the harvest of some crops, as a result of which there may be difficulties with shipments.

Many producers have just started harvesting, and according to their forecasts, shipments will be possible only closer to the middle of August.
As for the main destinations of shipments, requests are actively received for Italy, Greece, Spain and Israel. Cargoes to Turkey are also present on the market in a large volume, but due to the upcoming long holidays in the country, many shipowners prefer not to consider Turkish ports.