On the 30th week, the freight rates in the Azov-Black Sea region began to fall slightly compared to the levels of the end of last week.
If on Monday the shipment to Marmara was at the level of 37-38 dollars per ton, by Wednesday the freight level again reached the level of 35-36 dollars. Thus, freight levels are gradually returning to the numbers of the beginning of the 29th week.

It is worth noting that the export fee on wheat exports fell this week to $31.4 dollars, while the export tax on barley increased to $38.5 per ton, on corn – $49.9 per ton. Despite the reduction of the tax on wheat, most charterers note the difficulty of concluding transactions at the moment, since the prices of products are often much higher than the offers of buyers, primarily Turkish ones.

Undoubtedly, in the conditions of a good harvest of many grains in the south of the country, there is no total lull in the market, however, charterers are not as optimistic as the overwhelming majority of shipowners about the further development of the situation on the market.