On the 50th week in the Azov sea region the freight rates remain on the previous week level and the shipment of 3000 mts of wheat cargo from Azov to Marmara sea ports will cost around USD 23 PMT.

The situation on the market remains difficult due to continued adverse weather conditions. The water level on the Azov-Don marine channel currently reaches only 2,29 m. This has led to large queues in the ports of Azov and Rostov and a long wait for berthing or exit from above mentioned ports.

Also, due to the continued formation of ice and the forecast of the further development of ice, from December, 11 until
March, 15, ice dues will be charged from all vessels for each call and each departure to/from Azov, Rostov and Taganrog ports.

Due to delays in current shipments, charterers are reluctant to enter into new contracts and there are not a lot of cargoes on the market. Most shipowners who are not stuck in the ports of the Azov sea because of the bad weather prefer to choose cargoes from Black Sea ports.

On the Baltic short sea market there is seen an increase in the amount of shipments. It has caused the willing of many shipowners to return part of their fleet to Baltic from Northern sea, Continent and even ARAG range. Despite this fact, there is still a shortage of coasters in the Baltic region.

This week there are seen a lot of shipment from Poland and Lithuania ports to the UK and ARAG destinations. In terms of freight, both appearance of ice dues and higher fuel prices, are driving an increase of rates for most directions.

On the deep sea market there are a lot of handy and supra type vessels, opening at the end of December. Most of shipowerns prefer to leave their fleet in the Atlantic region. There is also seen a high demand among charterers for the January dates open fleet already.

The Black Sea region remains very active, with a significant number of shipments to the western ports of the Mediterranean Sea and Portugal ports, where there is now an excess of open tonnage.