On the 44th week, freight rates in the Azov-Black Sea region continue to rise. Thus, for a shipment of 3,000 tons of wheat from Azov to the Marmara Sea ports shipowners ask for USD 46 per ton. This week, everyone notes the weak activity of Turkish partners associated with the unstable economic situation in the country and the drop of the Turkish lira. First of all, is bran cargoes which are being sold to the Marmara Sea, while crops such as corn and wheat are planned to be shipped to far destinations.

This week there is a special demand for shipments to Italy. In addition, we observe active sales to Israel and Greece. Thus, the rates for long voyages are rising much faster than for the ports of the Marmara Sea. The number of those owners who wish to carry cargoes to Israel ports is decreasing due to the long queues observed in the ports of the country in recent days.

In the Caspian region, the growth of rates also continues, this week rates has already reached USD 42 per ton for shipment from the ports of Astrakhan to the North Iranian ports. A large number of vessels are opening on the market, mainly with the Russian flag.

In view of active growth of freight rates in Baltic region, shipowners began to offer their positions more often for cargo from the Baltic ports, but at a high price due to the ballast passage. High price of competitors are also used by shipowners who have positions near the ports of loading, maintaining the market rate.
Mostly vessels open positions are from 2000 mt up to 4000 mt